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Early Years at Oakwell Rise

Children in Nursery and Reception classes at Oakwell Rise follow the EYFS Statutory Framework which compromises of 7 areas of learning.

  • Communication, Language and Literacy development which focuses on providing children with rich language experiences to develop their vocabulary, speaking and listening skills.
  • Physical Development which provides children with a range of opportunities to develop their coordination, control and movement, as well as learn about living healthy lifestyles.
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development which allows our children to develop a positive sense of self. They are supported to develop positive relationships and to manage their feelings and behaviour in a supportive environment.
  • Literacy Development where children are encouraged to link letters and sounds and begin to read and write. They are exposed to a wide range of events and books to ignite their interest.
  • Mathematical Development where children develop their skills in counting, understanding number, addition, subtraction and shape, space and measures in practical and real-life situations.
  • Understanding of the World develops the children’s understanding of the physical world and their place within it. They find out about different ways of life, their own communities and living creatures.  
  • Expressive Arts and Design allows the children to explore and express themselves through music, movement, construction and art activities. Providing opportunities for them to share their thoughts and ideas together.

Meet Miss Pursglove, the Nursery teacher at Oakwell Rise Academy.

In my spare time I enjoy competing in quizzes, seeing my friends and going out for a nice meal.  I also like going to warm, sunny countries in the Summer holidays.  I dislike eating fish and swimming in the sea.  

I am also very lucky to have two lovely support staff within my classroom.  Miss Pizzey primarily works with children who have special eduacational needs within the classroom, however supports learning with the nursery children too.  Miss Pizzey enjoys singing on karaoke, going to quizzes and going on holiday.  She also teaches drama after school!  Miss Pizzey dislikes chicken on the bone and swimming in the sea (something Miss Pursglove and Miss Pizzey both dislike!)  

Furthermore, Mrs Smith is a classroom assistant and enjoys making crafts with the children.  She likes producing bright, colourful  displays (making our classroom look beautiful)-she also likes cleaning and sorting.  However she dislikes cooking.

In Nursery, we have lots of exciting activities for children to do.  Children can get crafty in the creative area, messy in the paint area, as well as using their imagination pretending to be their favourite super hero in the role play area.   All of the areas within our classroom are freely accessible to students throughout the session.  We also have a new and exciting sensory tent which the children seem to really love playing in together exploring new resources and showing their friends their favourite toy to play with.  In our busy timetable children also take part in a number session-our main focus at the moment is  recognising numbers to 5-however the children really love counting to 10 in their scariest Gruffalo voice!  Furthermore, I also share a story with the children at the beginning and end of a session which is really lovely to see children's excitement and engagement towards the book.

Children also receive milk and a healthy snack during their time at nursery.