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Early Years at Oakwell Rise

Children in Nursery and Reception classes at Oakwell Rise follow the EYFS Statutory Framework which compromises of 7 areas of learning.
  • Communication, Language and Literacy development which focuses on providing children with rich language experiences to develop their vocabulary, speaking and listening skills.
  • Physical Development which provides children with a range of opportunities to develop their coordination, control and movement, as well as learn about living healthy lifestyles.
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development which allows our children to develop a positive sense of self. They are supported to develop positive relationships and to manage their feelings and behaviour in a supportive environment.
  • Literacy Development where children are encouraged to link letters and sounds and begin to read and write. They are exposed to a wide range of events and books to ignite their interest.
  • Mathematical Development where children develop their skills in counting, understanding number, addition, subtraction and shape, space and measures in practical and real-life situations.
  • Understanding of the World develops the children’s understanding of the physical world and their place within it. They find out about different ways of life, their own communities and living creatures.  
  • Expressive Arts and Design allows the children to explore and express themselves through music, movement, construction and art activities. Providing opportunities for them to share their thoughts and ideas together.
 Reception Class
In Reception we are working really hard on our Phonic Skills and using them to improve our reading and writing. We believe that reading and writing float on a sea of talk so are providing lots of speaking and listening opportunities based around our themes. We use our maths skills to problem solve in real-life situations and learn about and explore the world around us. We also firmly feel learning should be fun every day! 

Next Halfterm Reception Class will be exploring these areas through the topic of Superheroes, focusing on the key question ‘What makes a superhero super.’ We will explore fictional superheroes and their positive qualities, linking this into positive senses of ourselves. We will also explore ‘real-life’ superheroes such as the emergency services and learn more about the jobs that different people do. Our topic will finish with a Superhero Day where we will be designing and making our own superhero costumes and making our own healthy superhero snacks.

Children have all received a reading record and reading book to practice their reading skills at home. Every time your child reads at home they are entered into a raffle to win a book. The more they read them more tickets they get in the raffle so keep reading at home. The EYFS team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have about reading at home, so please just come and ask if you are unsure of anything.
Pride Awards
Every Friday at 1.45pm we celebrate the children’s wonderful week of work at our Pride Award assemblies. The reading and attendance raffle are also drawn at these times. Parents and Carers are always welcome to come and celebrate with us. 

Meet the team

Mrs K. Hanson
Reception Class Teacher and Assistant Head for EYFS
Likes: Christmas, adventures and cuddles with her house bunnies Jessie and Esme.
Dislikes: having wet feet.  

Miss N. Grant
Reception Class Teaching Assistant
Likes: eating biscuits
Dislikes: being too cold.

Miss S. Rawson
Reception Class Teaching Assistant
Likes: spending time with family and sunny days.
Dislikes: rainy days