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                                                                     Reading at Oakwell Rise!


We use a phonetically decodable reading scheme which allows pupils to apply their blending skills in the books which they are reading. Our reading scheme includes a mixture of Oxford Reading Tree books, Bug Club and Rising Stars Reading Rockets. Oxford Reading Tree features some very friendly character whom your children will grow to love….

Bug Club books feature a wide range of characters, stories and non-fiction.
Rising Stars Reading Planet are our newest books and again feature a wide range of characters, stories and non-fiction.

In addition to a comprehensive reading scheme to support the development of fluent, confident and accuate reading, we also incorporate a wide range of real books and longer novels into reading, particularly as pupils progress into KS2. Our reading scheme is colour coded, with year group expectations as below. 


Children are taught to read through a mixture of experiences; guided reading (small groups with an adult), whole class reading (listening to and reading aloud a longer text or a novel), individual and independent reading. Crucially, no reading is as important as READING AT HOME.

We truly believe that reading is the greatest gift we can give our pupils – so please help us to make sure every one of our pupils leaves Oakwell Rise with the reading skills they need to ensure their future success. Reading to your child or with your child, even for ten minutes a day, is 3,640 minutes (over 60 hours!) of reading a year, and 29,120 minutes in their primary career (over 485 hours).

Some shocking national statistics about reading in the UK may help you to understand how vital your role in getting your child reading is…

Together, we can give our children the gift of reading and unlock choices about their future.

Read with your child (each of them!) for just 10 minutes a day.

Ask them questions about what they have read and are reading. Ask them about the meaning of particular words – and if neither of you know, Google it!

Bring that book bag every day!

Write in their reading record – just a simple well done or smiley face makes all the difference.

Buy them books, from time to time. The Scholastic Book Fair is in school termly – make it your mission to buy a book each time the book shop comes to Oakwell Rise!

Encourage, encourage, encourage; praise, praise, praise.