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Science Curriculum Cycle 1:


Our science curriculum ignites curiosity and offers opportunities to develop pupils’ observation, questioning and reasoning skills whilst increasing their knowledge and understanding of the world around them. New ideas within science may lead to new discoveries – finding a cure for cancer or finding a clean form of energy for example.

We aim to stimulate a life-long interest in science. We cater for our naturally curious pupils allowing them to explore and take part in ‘hands-on’ experiments. The curriculum aims to allow learners to solve practical problems, make decisions and use technologies to do so.

We teach physics, chemistry and biology through different topics and our progressive curriculum ensures a wide ranging and full coverage.

Science is a highly enjoyable aspect of our curriculum offer and pupils benefit from a rich curriculum which is underpinned by Rising Stars Switched on Science which offers a rich range of investigations. 

We ask our children to work scientifically by asking their own questions about what they notice. We use different types of scientific enquiry to gather and record data, using simple equipment where appropriate, to answer questions including: observing changes over time. We ask children to notice similarities, differences and patterns, group and classifying things and carry out simple comparative tests. Children use appropriate scientific language to communicate their ideas in a variety of ways and tell us what they have found out.