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Curriculum  »  Art and Design


Art is a medium that is accessible to all. We strongly believe that all children can engage with, be inspired by and be motivated to create magnificent works of art. Art encourages expression and visual thinking and provides children with a clear opportunity to share their experiences, thoughts and feelings. We endeavour to nurture a love of the arts amongst our children and provide first hand opportunities to develop as artists.

Our Art curriculum has been developed to:

  • Develop children’s knowledge and skills, whilst motivating children to experiment

  • Develop children’s ability to reflect and record their experiences

  • Inspire children to invent and create their own works of art

  • Allow children to think critically about art and art history

  • Study a range of artists and understand the historical and cultural development of their art forms


                                                                      LKS2 Mixed Media

As children progress through school, our art and design curriculum is taught in all year groups through one strand per term: drawing, painting and sculpture. Children are taught to use art specific language to discuss and explain their thinking whilst developing their subject knowledge.  Throughout each block of learning, children are taught how to use a sketchbook. Within this process they:

  • learn about and analyse the work of artists 

  • explore techniques and mediums 

  • develop their critique skills 

  • articulate their views and opinions

  • learn to be reflective and resilient in the development of their art work

KS1 Outcomes - Autumn Sculpture Curriculum - Pottery


Through the units of learning, children learn a range of skills, with each strand building on the techniques from previous lessons whilst also developing new skills. The children also study an artist so that throughout their primary curriculum they will explore and learn about the art work of a range of artists, developing their knowledge of key points in art history and across a range of cultures. 

As a celebration and end point to each year, children enjoy an art exhibition. This provides an opportunity for children to evaluate their work and to experience first-hand the joy of sharing their art with the school community.

Stop Motion Animation Projects

Our Lower Key Stage 2 students worked alongside Open College of the Arts to create these wonderful animations.