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Well-Being Warriors


At Oakwell Rise we have taken the Wellbeing of our children and the adults in school to the heart of what we do. We have implemented ‘The ‘5 Steps to Wellbeing’ as advocated by the NHS, to equip all of us with the mental health skills we need to cope with the different challenges in life today. Incorporating these 5 steps into our everyday life can help us feel more positive and able to get the most out of life. These steps are to connect with others, be physically active, learn new skills, give to others and take notice of the things around us.

At Oakwell Rise we have established a Wellbeing Working Party with the adults in school, to focus on these steps and ensure the wellbeing of all the adults in school is considered in school life. Additionally, the children have been invited to become involved and consider the wellbeing of the children in school. The children nominated their ‘Wellbeing Warriors’ from each class who could work alongside the adults in school to promote the 5 Steps to Wellbeing.

From this, a different theme for each half term of the school year has been established. Firstly, information posters and assemblies are created and shared to inform us of the importance of each step, how it can be achieved and how it can benefit us. Then a key event or activity is planned to help us participate in the step and hopefully improve our wellbeing. For example, in the Autumn term, we focused on the importance of ‘Giving to others’ and the children in each class decided what they wanted to give to. This led to the children sending cards to a neighbouring care home, sending video messages of them singing to NHS workers at Barnsley Hospital and even writing letters to members of the Armed Forces posted abroad. The children and adults in school could then feel how it impacted them in a positive way knowing that they had given to others.

It is hoped that by equipping ourselves with these strategies and taking the time to focus on our wellbeing it will lead to the improved happiness and health of everyone in school!